Creating a home to nourish the mind & soul

Relaxed young woman lounge on-comfortable sofa at home

The place we call home significantly impacts how we feel emotionally and psychologically. By incorporating elements of nature into our built environments, we may raise our sense of serenity and enjoyment of mind and soul. In an age where more and more time is spent in front of devices, we need to make time for direct contact with the natural world. The simple act of making room for plants and other forms of greenery at home can have a significant impact.

Simplify your home design

This is based on the idea that less is more when it comes to creating a beautiful setting. Begin primarily on the areas where you are already spending the most time. Consider the room in your house where you spend the most time. Where exactly do you want to meet? The bedroom, the kitchen, the office, or somewhere else entirely? To get started, head to that area. It’s crucial to surround ourselves with things that make you happy, and your mind will thank you for it if you do. Think about the message you want your space to send about who you are.

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Light up your home

Maintaining a healthy environment requires exposure to light, specifically sunshine, during the day. According to research, daylight is more vital than electric light. Furniture and window coverings should be placed to take advantage of early light, to shield from severe heat during the day, and create privacy and obscurity at night. It doesn’t matter. If you are buying a home or renovating your old building, keep in mind that the amount of light your environment receives significantly impacts your mind and soul.

Add some plants to your home decoration

Whether or not you have a natural green thumb, bringing plants into the home has been shown to affect people’s emotional well-being positively. In addition, establishing a routine in which you go around and tend to your plants might help you develop your own wellness ritual; each time you check in on your plants, take a moment to reflect on your mind and soul. Think of life as a whole when you water them.

Sofa with plants on wall background

Don’t underestimate the role of colors in your home design

If you want to boost your mental health, include color in your interior design. The power of color to affect one’s disposition is well-established. Many of us rely heavily on color perception while interacting with the world around us. Interior designers and researchers have constantly reevaluated and rethought their previous conclusions about color’s effects. Each color’s saturation and brightness are essential components in their emotional powers, in addition to the psychological features and benefits of colors. Simply put, saturation measures how proper to live color is.

A beautiful home for your mind and soul in Canada

Everyone needs a place they can go where they’ll be accepted and safe. Redesigning your home may be necessary if you never feel comfortable or at ease there. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, even modest renovations to the inside can have a significant impact on your state of mind. And when you’re ready for expert help with your house’s design or need to move to a new home, give Matin Homes, a real estate agency in Vancouver, a call or contact us through our website.