Ron Matin

Reputation matters. Known for his honesty and dedication to selling the perfect houses to the right clients, Ron Matin has what it takes to close the sale. Whether Ron is selling your property or finding you a beautiful new home, you can depend on his industry knowledge.

When it comes to real estate, industry knowledge plus marketing acumen equals success. A former electrical engineer with a multi-faceted skillset, Ron has the analytical expertise to find your ideal buyer or discover your dream home. 

Digital marketing plays a big part in any effective sales strategy, and Ron is an expert in that complex field. This is a big advantage in a competitive market, and he’ll put his skills to work in getting your property noticed fast.  

This real estate expert keeps his finger on the pulse of the real estate world. Instead of seeing his clients as just clients, they’re also partners. When you work with Ron, he gets to know your goals and knows the steps to take to get things done. 

Based in North Vancouver, Ron Matin is easy to connect with. Have questions? Get in touch today. 

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    Phone: 778-653-6925

    Address: 1370 Marin Drive

    North Vancouver,

    British Columbia V7P1T4