Educating the public: Raising awareness about burglaries in Canada

Burglar using metal tool to open door

People, families, and towns in Canada are at risk of being broken into. These illegal attacks hurt people emotionally and cost them money. We need to learn more about how often and why burglaries happen and how to stop them as a society.

Common targets: Places most vulnerable to burglaries

Residences, apartments, companies, construction sites, unoccupied residences, and automobiles are obvious targets for burglars. These unoccupied, unattended, or fixed-up areas are regularly targeted by thieves. Burglars are more likely to break into houses with weak security, poorly lighted exteriors, or open doors and windows. Apartments and residences with old locks and barriers attract burglars which is why it is strongly advised to install new security measures when you buy a new home. Businesses with weak security, particularly those in isolated places or open at unusual hours, might be burglarized.

Hided masked thief standing on stairs

How burglars operate in Canada

The following are some common ways and plans thieves use:

  • Force entry: Burglars break in by pressing down on doors or windows or breaking locks. They are looking for weak spots or holes in barriers that can be used to get in.
  • Unlocked entry points: Burglars take advantage of people who aren’t paying attention or are too lazy to check doorknobs and windows for easy entry. They may also take advantage of weak security measures like locks that don’t work properly, like deadbolts.
  • Lock manipulation: Thieves who are good at what they do use tools like bump keys to open pin-tumbler locks, combination locks, or special keys to pick locks.
  • Spying and reconnaissance: Thieves do a lot of spying and reconnaissance before breaking in to plan their escape.
  • Distraction strategies: To hide their tracks, some crooks use distraction strategies like pretending to be a delivery person or a service worker.

Frightened woman burglar entering a house by gun

Safeguarding your home and property

The greatest approach to keep intruders out of your home is to reduce entrance opportunities and deter them. Implementing effective burglary prevention methods and constructing resilient security may considerably reduce the risk. Consider the following crucial factors:

  • Implementing a comprehensive security system, including alarms, motion detectors, security cameras, and sensors.
  • Reinforcing entrance points with deadbolt locks, window locks, security film, and laminated or impact-resistant glass.
  • Providing sufficient lighting to the home, including outdoor lighting and motion-activated lights.
  • Locking doors and windows before leaving or going to sleep, using strike plates, deadbolt locks, and window security film.
  • Organizing neighborhood watch initiatives to monitor suspicious behaviors and keep local law enforcement informed.
  • Keeping the home appearing occupied, such as setting timers or using smart home automation.
  • Keeping valuables in secure locations, such as a house safe or bank safe deposit box.

Buying a safe home in Vancouver

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