Why didn’t my house sell the first time?

Upset senior couple sitting on porch next to sale sign

When the sale of your home doesn’t go as planned, it can be a very trying and disappointing experience. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you were unable to sell your home and may have incurred significant losses as a result. Why did this happen? And how can you improve your chances of selling the residence a second time?

Common reasons why houses don’t sell quickly

Here are some of the factors that may have affected the demand and value of your house:

  • The price was too high or too low for the market
  • The house was not well-maintained or staged
  • The house had outdated features or design
  • The house had structural or legal issues
  • The location was not desirable or convenient
  • The timing was not right or the season was slow
  • The marketing was not effective or targeted
  • The competition was too strong

An elderly couple installing sale sign to sell their house

How to avoid the mistakes that cost you and buyers

Selling your home fast and for a good price requires avoiding the typical pitfalls that turn off potential buyers. Some advice on how to accomplish it follows:

Don’t undervalue your home.

Don’t let your feelings or assumptions influence the price you set for your home. You can figure out how much your home is worth by looking at recent sales in the area. A professional appraiser or real estate agent might also be consulted for a more precise valuation.

Maintain and stage your house well

Don’t rush into selling your home without first seeing any necessary repairs and maintenance. Repair any leaks, cracks, stains, odors, etc. that can drive potential purchasers away. Make sure the house is spotless and devoid of any clutter or personal belongings that could turn off potential home buyers.

Make some changes to the look and feel of your home

Don’t let your home’s appearance make it stand out negatively from the competition. You might improve the look and value of your home by updating things like the flooring, lighting, paint, appliances, fixtures, etc. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune updating your home so long as it satisfies the needs and wants of today’s buyers.

Couple standing next to the for sale sign to sell their country house

Fix any underlying structural or legal problems

Don’t try to conceal or downplay any structural or legal issues that could prevent a buyer from purchasing your home. Pests, mold, asbestos, shaky foundations, liens, easements, zoning infractions, etc. are all examples. Try to fix these things before putting your home for sale, but be honest and upfront with potential buyers about them.

Hire a professional real estate agent

Don’t go into selling your home without first consulting with a professional. You could wind up squandering time, effort, and resources, and making blunders that could end up preventing the sale of your home. Avoiding these pitfalls and gaining access to a professional real estate agent’s many other services (such as pricing advice, marketing aid, negotiation expertise, legal counsel, etc.) is well worth the investment.

Selling your home in Vancouver

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